1. My dearest readers, 
    fellow Grey's fans, 

    I know it took me forever to write a few words on this blog... I originally planned to come back and write a review about Derek's death because it was such a major event on the show. 

    But I have to say that the way this storyline was written has flushed my Grey's love down the toilet. I watched that episode on my phone in a hotel room in Dublin and I didn't even feel sad - although I loved Derek - because it was all rushed and such a ridiculous death. 

    I was planning on analysing that episode, protesting once more against Shonda, mourning once more about the Golden days of Grey's anatomy, showing my anger about the stupid ending that was imposed to a key character like Derek Shepherd. But to be fully honest, I no longer have the passion to write any review. 

    I attended Grey's Con in Paris in June 2015 and that made me realize even more that Grey's Anatomy used to be great and that Season 11 was a mistake I simply would like to forget. I even pretend it never existed.

    I'm typing a few words to you today to announce that I will shut down this blog. I'm still watching Grey's Anatomy even though I was determined not to. I got drawn into the first episode of Season 12 and I actually thought it was good! So I have been watching Season 12 and... so far so good, it's much better than S11 in my opinion. 

    However, I now have other interests, other responsabilities, some events in my private life that require my full attention and I simply have no time for this blog anymore. Even if I wanted to continue, I wouldn't be able to sit down and write reviews. But as I said, I don't have the passion for it anymore anyway.

    So I believe it is best for me to close this blog. I want to thank you all for reading my reviews, for your kind words in the comments, for your loyalty. I know that some of you will be disappointed and I am sorry, but this is the time. 

    I will no longer post reviews or articles, the blog can still be consulted as I will leave the existing posts. You still can write comments that I will receive directly into my emails, so I can read you. 

    I'm on Twitter and can be contacted there if you want to keep in touch: @Mc_Mooo

    Thank you again for everything and I hope you continue enjoying the show.

    Mc Mo

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  2. "Where Do We Go From There"

    Hi Folks ! 

    It's been a while... As you know I was on strike against the bad writing of the show and didn't post a review for each episode. I was a bit disappointed by the winter finale (11x08) - not that it was bad episode but it did not meet my expectations of a winter finale. So I have decided that I would not write a review for that one. Then the "long" hiatus came, and to be honest, I didn't miss the show... I missed the tennis season way more ! lol. But the first episode we got, at the end of January had interesting moments, so I will cover it. 

    Derek is gone to DC

    I will not miss him one bit, he has been arrogant, self-centered, and simply annoying this season. But I will miss Patrick Dempsey though! However, this leaves Meredith in a stressful position, as she is the only one left to take care of her kids while having a very demanding career. 

    She was looking for a nanny to hep her and it was pretty sad when she mentioned "I need a person who is in it with me". This sentence was quite powerful as Meredith was first admitting that she was overwhelmed but also quite lonely. The most important people in her life are all gone : her real person Cristina and her husband. 

    I don't know what damages this can cause to Meredith and Derek's couple but at the end of the episode, they both agreed that they would make it work. We'll see. 

    Arizona and Amy teaming up to save Herman

    Arizona stole Herman's scan and secretely turned to Amelia in order to find a way to save Nicole Herman, who eventually found out about this "betrayal". Angry at first, she finally let herself get convinced by the naturally positive Arizona who gave her some kind of angry pep talk about hope. Geena Davis might be one of the only things I absolutely love in this season, she is totally nailing this part ! 

    But Herman has decided to wait until the very last minute to get operated by Amy, in order to save time and ensure the transfer of her knowledge to Arizona. Somehow I don't see this woman surviving. But time will tell. 

    Jackson and April confronted to their baby's condition

    Jackson previously overheard Edwards mentioning the baby's condition (osteogenesis imperfecta) and told April. Even if this storyline is awfully heartbreaking, I found it very interesting because it's always bold to bring babies' fatal cases on the show but it is even more when this concerns the child of two of our beloved doctors. Also, this sad event is clearly challenging April's faith and I was interested to see how she would deal with it. 

    I actually really liked April in this episode. She was heartbroken, was angry at the unfairness of the situation (this anger was even multiplied by a patient who was accused of driving off the bridge with her kids in her car). But most of all, April was desperately feeling helpless. And this is why she stuck around the hospital : she might not be able to do anything for her own baby but she could be useful to other patients. I loved her powerful line "Why would God let that happen ?" Whether you believe or not in God, I think that this is a question that everybody asks at least once in their life. 

    Additional notes

    • I loved the flashback scenes around the MerDer wedding post-it
    • As usual, Mer was the only one to show compassion to the patient that was pointed out by everyone as a horrible mother. She wanted to find a reason behind this gesture and she found it : there was a tumor on her pancreas. 
    • Most heartbreaking moment : when the kids' father said "I don't know my wife".
      I love Kevin Carroll
    • "I'm too pretty for prison!" (Arizona)
    • The 2 brothers were hilarious, especially the youngest one : "yeah and I'm 25, assface!"
    • We got to learn that Mer and Cristina call each other every week (with drinks lol). I miss Yang so much !!! Owen told Meredith that letting Derek go was the right thing to do. 
    • Bailey and Alex had a very sweet interaction when she confessed her worries about being a bad mother after her son shoplifted. Alex reassured her by admitting that he stole too but that he turned out ok. 


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  3. "Can we start again, please ?"

    I didn't post a review for the episode 11x06 because I was still too angry then. I am currently still "on strike", to protest against the disappointing and sloppy writing this season. 

    But the episode 11x07 had a promising title - "Can we start again, please ?" as if it was addressed to me, as a way to say that the writing would be better. And it was. It was a really good episode, it was even the best episode this seasonFor once, it had everything that I expect from Grey's Anatomy. So it also deserved a review. 

    Drama and tears

    I really loved the case of the old couple trapped into a fire. It was heartbreaking to see that the man wouldn't let go of his wife. It even brought tears to me eyes, something that happened very very rarely this year.  

    I am also growing fond of the pair Dr Herman / Dr Robbins. Especially since the writers dropped a bomb on us by revealing that Dr Hermand had a brain tumor and would die within 6 months. This created an interesting situation, as Arizona was torn between telling the truth to Owen and using this opportunity to benefit from Herman's knowledge. 

    I must say that it's quite hard for me to believe that Herman didn't consult Mc Dreamy on this, as he usually saves everyone, even the lost causes. At the same time, I can't see her surviving. She's a guest star so by definition she probably won't stay permanently. And some characters are created just to be killed later and make us cry, such as Denny, Henry, etc. 

    Anyway, Arizona's arc was dramatic and full of twists and turns - which I liked a lot. Everything that could go wrong went wrong : Dr Herman was AWOL at the worst time, Arizona had to make a tough call on her own, stupid Graham made it worse during the C-section, the mom died and everything was set to make us believe that the baby had not even survived. And let's not forget that we even got to see an angry Arizona yelling at Dr Herman (I love when she's angry!)

    The Shepherds

    I also enjoyed the flashback scenes about young Derek and Amy (and I loved the way it was filmed), even thoughe we already knew their backstory.

    I must say that I really really really cannot stand Derek this season. He irritates me more and more, week after week. His arrogance is growing with his professional frustration : even calling himself "the star player on the bench"! Boohoo. You did cause this situation yourself, Derek ! 

    I think he's probably the worst brother in the world as he didn't have a comfort gesture towards his little sister when the patients' daughter hysterically exposed Amy's addict past in front of the whole hospital. Instead, Mc Dreamy Mc Asshole just jumped on the occasion to steal her patients, like some vulture. 

    I'm happy we got to know a bit more about Amelia because to be honest, I never was fan of Private Practice so I don't know this character very well. I still don't really know what to think of her, but I definitely would like to get to know her story through Grey's Anatomy and not by digging what happened on Private Practice. At least I can say that I really enjoyed Caterina Scorsone's acting, it brought a good depth to the character. 

    Back to the sources

    Grey's Anatomy got back to its real nature in this episode, bringing back some key elements that made the Golden days of the show, and that's why I enjoyed it so much. 

    First, we got Bailey to act like she used to in the first season towards the original interns. The Nazi used her wonderful scarcasm and her legendary speeches to teach Jo a lesson and make her a better doctor. God, it felt SO good to see that ! 

    But the best scene was definitely the one at the Frat house. How great was it to have Mer bring another "outsider" (aka Maggie) to her old house ? I loved every bit of it : the drinking, the toasts to O'Malley, the perfect lines "everybody lived here" or "we're all related through sex". The dream house will never compete with the Frat house in my heart, sorry !

    Additional notes

    • How can Jo already have her solo surgery ?!? Isn't she still like a "fetus surgeon" ? 
    • Arizona "moved in" with Alex and Jo, I love it ! 
    • Will the writers ever do something with Stephanie Edwards ? Because it's been 2 seasons and a half, and we still don't know anything about her, she has no real storyline. It feels like she's not even a regular. 
    • Grey's Anatomy is too crowded, there are too many characters in my opinion, really. 

    What did you think ? 

    • Did you like this episode ? 
    • What was your favorite scene ? 
    • Will Herman survive ? 

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  4. "Bend & Break"

    Since last week, I've had a bad feeling about this Calzona-centric episodeBut... as I started watching it, I actually got surprised, in a good way, and loved the episode more and more, minute after minute. 

    Calzona has been my favorite couple for a long time so of course, I enjoyed the flashback scenes from their love story, here and there. And I was even more excited to see them finally going to therapy !!! Not only because I've actually waited for that since the beginning of season 10, but mostly because they were finally confronting their issues and I felt like it was finally going somewhere !!!

    Some writing choices were bold, especially the 30 days in-home seperation. This dynamic was really interesting for a TV show as the characters interacted without talking. Plus, it allowed room for real great scenes : the HILARIOUS drinking time for Mer & Callie, the sweet friendship between April & Arizona, all the love between Callie and Arizona, including some things we hadn't seen in long: the Calzona kissing, touching and sex scenes... 

    I also enjoyed the way my favorite working pair swapped roles : Alex became the new boss on the peds' floor and the brilliant Dr Robbins was suddenly no more than a fellow, and got put back in her place so many times by Dr Herman (I still really love Geena Davis on this role !)

    So yes, for the first 38 minutes, I truly felt like I was unwrapping a beautiful package. 

    Until I got to see what was inside and realized that it was really full of crap : a collection of deja vu and predictable moves, of cheap dramatic turns and of recycled lines that were told over and over again. SERIOUSLY.  

    At the end of the episode, Arizona told Callie "Life without you terrifies me. I need you and you're the only thing that I will ever need". Deja vu... because in 09x10, she begged Callie not to run away and in 10x15, she said "don't need much to be happy, I don't even need two legs. But I do know that I need you. And I'm afraid, now that I've learned all of that, that I made you give up on me".

    During the whole episode, Callie was scared that Arizona would give up on her, that she didn't love or care about her anymore. Torres was against the 30 days break, she desperately wanted to fix her marriage. 

    Yet, Callie is the one who said at the end of the episode that she didn't want to fix things anymore, that she felt better when they were on a break, that she needed to enjoy herself. 

    Just like she said in 10x05 before she danced alone in her pink underwear : "I need to stop taking care of other people. I took care of you for a year. I picked you up off the bathroom floor. I took your abuse. But you’re not sick anymore. Now you’re just someone who cheated, and you did that to yourself. So… I’m sorry, but I need my life back. I need me back".

    Same old same old.

    Because the truth is that writers have only one idea about Calzona and it's always the same: making sure that no matter what, they are ALWAYS on a different page, even if it becomes repetitive, unrealistic or ridiculous : 

    • Season 6 : Callie wants a child, Arizona does not = > break up and both unhappy. 
    • Season 7 : Arizona wants to go to Africa, Callie does not = > break up, both unhappy. 
    • Season 8 : The exception that confirms the rule.
    • Season 9 : Arizona is mad because Callie does not mind/care that she has only one leg. => both unhappy.
      Arizona cheats on Callie, partly because Boswell does not mind that she has only one leg (Ha, really ?) => break up, separation, both unhappy. 
    • Season 10 : Arizona wants to fix things and wants therapy, Callie does not give crap => break up, separation, both unhappy. 
      Season 10 : let's throw a flashback showing that Arizona miscarried, so we buy time before finding a new storyline. 

      Season 10 : now Arizona gets mad because Callie is trying to care that she has only one leg and works on sensors to fix that. (Seriously ?) => fight, both unhappy.
    • Season 11 : Callie wants to fix things first, Arizona not so much. In the end, roles are reversed => break up, seperation, and I'm sure they won't be that happy, even now. 

    Do you see a pattern here ?!? I get that it is a drama show, but seriously can't they find new storylines ? It FEELS like the writers have no creativity left, as they always throw the same things at us ? Don't they see that there are other things to tell ? Can't they show Sofia from time to time ? Can't they make something go wrong with the surrogate, or make Sofia jealous of the attention to the new baby ? Can't they focus on Arizona's fellowship, on Callie's veterans project ? 

    More than ever, can't they drop relationship problems on other characters to bring some balance ? Even Meredith and Derek got years of happiness before having problems again. What about Jolex ? Japril ? And Stephanie Edwards, will she EVER get some storyline ? 

    I think that Calzona has more breakups than Meredith has lives... 

    So yes, I feel like Callie's last reaction was a cheap twist to buy more time because the crew is not able to come up with a creative storyline. They keep dragging this, over several seasons and we are going in circles. Just like they did for Crowen with the baby storyline. It was the same over and over for several seasons. If they wanted Calzona to break up for good, couldn't they do it in Season 9, or 10 ? Instead of dragging this for so long ?

    And now I cannot defend the show any longer, I can't pretend any longer that it is still as good as it used to be. And I won't even debate on the fact that Arizona wore open shoes, and was displaying both feet

    To paraphase Callie : 

    "Dear Grey's Anatomy, I feel like I'm suffocating, I feel like I enjoy myself much more when I watch other shows, I felt better during the summer hiatus when we were apart. I don't want to try to fix us anymore. Because I FEEL like I have been holding on to the memories of your golden days and have lived in denial, that I have been telling myself for over a year now that you will eventually get back to what you used to be. That I could forget the bad writing and the boring episodes that multiplied at light speed since season 10, because some day you would get brilliant again. Maybe instead of loving you so hard, I should be myself for a while". 

    Please do not think that I'm so angry because Calzona broke up. Because the truth is that... I could not care less about it. Yes, that was my favorite couple on the show, yes Callie was my favorite character and I also truly loved Arizona. But the laziness of writers and their repetitive storylines actually made me tired of Calzona, can you believe that ?!?

    Not even Meredith's brilliant lines "Did you cure death today, Meredith ?", "Do you think it's possible that my one true love in my life is a girl ?" while referring to Cristina, not even Mer and Callie singing "vagina", or the outstanding acting can save me from this disappointment. 

    So I'm breaking free. No more reviews, this blog is shut down

    Until Grey's Anatomy stops being so ridiculous. 


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  5. "Only Mama Knows"

    This episode wrapped up the storyline of the hidden sister... which took most of the screentime for 4 episodes and - le's say it out loud - completely occulted the storylines of the other characters...and it's more than time to address the others' lives ! 

    But I enjoyed it a lot, because I've always been facinated by Ellis Grey and the consequences she's had on other characters, even people she's never met (some day I will post a full analysis of the if/then episode of season 8 to prove my point lol)  

    "The carousel never stops turning"

    I'm a huge fan of Kate Burton, so it was SO great to see her portraying Ellis Grey again, I miss her on the show. And I was glad to see how everything perfectly fit together. 

    We got to see flashbacks from old episodes of seasons 1 to 3 (oh... the golden days of Grey's Anatomy, where have you gone ?) and some of those scenes always make me emotional, even after all these years. Especially the scene where a sick Ellis finally recognizes Meredith while they're hugging and the terrific "You're ordinary" scene. 

    It's crazy but I have to admit that the old scenes make me shiver so much more than the newest episodes, nothing compares to the first seasons...The original Grey's spirit seems to be gone for good unfortunately. 

    Anyway, I also really enjoyed the novel flashback scenes from 1983 ! Even more beause J. August Richards came back as Young Richard (same actor as in season 6) but it was really REALLY disturbing for me to see Sally Pressman as a young Ellis Grey. As an "Army wives" fan, all I could see was Roxy Leblanc... and there is no way I can take Ellis seriously when she looks like Roxy Leblanc.  

    Even if Meredith had repressed most of her memories, she managed to get the full picture thanks to Richard's explanation, her mom's journal and some old videotapes. And Ellis' story is now complete : she was the first resident to ever be nominated for a Harper Avery Award, which made Richard jealous. He didn't want to be in her shadow for the rest of his life so he decided to end his affair with Ellis, who then tried to kill herself. After learning that she was pregnant, Ellis took Meredith to Boston, where she had Maggie and gave her up for adoption. 

    As Mer said, their lives could have been completely different, and I can't imagine how guilty Richard must feel. He really ruined things for many people : Ellis, Meredith, Maggie, Adele, Thatcher... This whole story was quite heartbreaking and it gave a new perspective on Ellis' character and some of the things she used to say. I assume that the old line "I have to raise my daughter alone" referred to Maggie rather than Meredith. 

    Now that she started to bond with Meredith, I think that Maggie is going to stay. Thanks to Amy who got involved without actually getting involved (well done ! lol), someone finally welcomed Maggie in the family ! Aww, you're sometimes really sweet, Mc Dreamy ! And after Bailey's line "well she doesn't know you or she would stay", I believe that Richard will also try to bond with his daughter. 

    Let's just finally mention the wonderful parallel between Maggie's, Meredith's, and Ellis' own surgery when they all made bold decisions and managed to save their patient. No doubt that Mer and Pierce are inspired by their mom's talent. Aftr all, when she received her first Harper Avery Award, Ellis dedicated it to "all the women surgeons who would come after her". And that includes... her own daughters. 

    Additional notes 

    • The Board unanimously voted for Bailey !!! I didn't expect it but Mer said it all : Bailey was simply better than Alex. At least, the Nazi is back for good ! Have you seen how Bailey was taking charge of things ? :-D 
    • Alex got his peds attending position back at the hospital, thank god ! And he's been invested with a new mission : to be the new Robbins, as Arizona wants to take a step back from the peds surgery. I am such a huge fan of the relationship Karev/Robbins, I wish they had more scenes together.

    • Callie Torres was completely absent this week :( (and I don't think I saw April either ?) but next episode will be Calzona-centric and I'm getting ready to be completely angry at Shonda Rhimes if that goes too far. Fair warning : if Calzona ever gets a divorce or if this insane rumor of Callie and Owen becoming a thing gets real, I will stop watching the show. 
    • I'd like to underline that Meredith's people keep telling her that she's a disappointment. This was done by Ellis all her life, by Cristina last year and now by Derek who wants Mer to be worthy of his professional sacrifice. The poor girl can't get a break. 
    • I liked the story of the immigrant mother and her daughter with the tumor. 
    • "Our lives are built on our mistakes, as much as on our successes"

    What did you think ? 

    • What were your favorite scenes ? 
    • Did you enjoy the flashbacks ? 
    • Are you tired of episodes focusing only on Mer and Maggie ? 

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  6. "Got to Be Real"

    Mer and her 1, 2, 3 (!) sisters

    No more doubt for Dr Grey : Maggie is the third secret sister of Meredith. It becomes redundant, it might have been cool for once to get a brother, but Shonda Rhimes has always preferred to write about female characters. 

    Alex helped Meredith to look Maggie up. And I got an answer to most of the questions I raised 2 weeks ago. I really appreciate that this storyline respects the flashbacks we got a few years ago, it's all tied up together : Richard broke up with Ellis at the carousel and she tried to kill herself by slicing her wrists but was saved by Meredith. 

    Ellis didn't know that she was pregnant and learned about it then. As she was approximatively 4 months pregnant, I assume that it was too late for her to get an abortion ? This is they only reason I see for her to actually have the baby. She took Meredith to Boston and it's actually probably there that she delivered the baby, rather than Seattle. 

    I still don't get how Meredith missed something like that but as she told Alex, that whole period was a blur. One question remains : why didn't Ellis tell Richard ? To avoid ruining his career ? Her own career ? Because she didn't want him to come back to her only for the baby ? Or she didn't want the baby to have parents that were broken up ? After reading 11x04 synopsis, it seems that we will learn more next week already

    Robotic limb for Veterans

    Owen convinced Callie to help amputated Veterans with a robotic limb lab. I'm totally excited ! First, I love the chemistry between the two actors : Owen and Callie's screaming match in the hall was by far my favorite scene this week. 

    But I also think they can make a great team and I would love to explore their friendship. They definitely can help each other and they need each other's support. Owen confessed that his darkness was resurfacing and that he needed something to help him fight it, now that Cristina was gone (he actually acted a lot like he used to in seasons 5 & 6). 

    Callie is obviously in a bad place as Calzona keeps struggling (what else is new, I wonder how many times Shonda has to make them fight and doubt about their marriage, 3 seasons in a row is enough, don't you think ?!?). They both took on big medical projects and also argued in front of the lady from the surrogate agency (or whatever it is called), probably compromising their chances. I'm so tired of the fact that they never get a break that I will simply ignore their personal problems for now. 

    So I prefer to mention that I love Geena Davis on the show, her toughness makes me shiver! I think that Geena Dr Herman is going to give Arizona a hard time lol.

    Let's quickly mention that 1 - I am also excited about Jackson joining the Veterans' project because the Owen-Callie-Avery trio is something we've never seen on Grey's, and that 2 - Callie definitely remains my favorite character on the show : "In my lab, I am in charge. Are we clear ? " The woman never gets intimidated ! 

    Bailey gets Cristina's seat ?!?!?!?

    I honestly am surprised and literally screamed : "WHAAAAAT ?!? NO WAY". Way. 

    I really got it all wrong. I truly love Bailey but I originally thought that her victory was too predictable to be a possibility (she has more experience and was Alex's mentor after all, without mentioning that she has Richard on her side). And also, I really wanted Alex to win, because it's Alex, he's one of the babies we watched grow into a surgeon. 

    But I should have seen it coming, because this episode (through Stephanie) implied that Bailey had no chance, it was just a trick! I assume that Mer and Arizona voted for Alex and that Richard, probably Callie and Derek voted for Bailey. And probably Jackson too, to get 4-2 for Bailey ? Anyway, it's quite sad that the Board did not take Cristina's wish into consideration but that's not how it works anyway. 

    I'm not convinced... this story is not over. What is going to happen to Alex in the meanwhile? Will he get at least his peds position back, as Arizona is swamped with work ? Will he accept it, seeing how pissed he looked ? 

    Additional notes

    • I like Mer and Alex's friendship, really. It's different from the twisted sisters, but still I find it sweet. It reminds me at times of Callie and Mark. Minus the sex. 
    • I cannot stand Derek these days. He's always been super arrogant but it's even more annoying this time. And I think he may be the worst brother in the world, always thinking that he's better than his sister. I hope that Amy proves him wrong. Of course, I understand that he feels like he's taking a step back but it's his own choice. If he doesn't have the balls to go to DC, then he should have the balls to take the consequences of his sacrifice. Nobody forced him. But as Amy said... no one wants to give up. 
    • I can't make up my mind about Maggie. I liked her a lot last week but she pissed me off in this episode.  She got all mad at Richard because he didn't tell her who he was. I mean... chill out girl, he understood who you were only a week ago, maybe he needed time to wrap his mind around it, don't you think ? 
    • Is Geena Davis super tall or it's just Jessica Capshaw that is short ? lol
    • Bailey taking a selfie with a badly injured patient
    • "The only thing we inherit in this family is Alzheimer's"
    • "Bailey did deliver my baby. And saved my life. What have you ever done ?"
    • You may have noticed that Cristina is mentioned in every single episode. I love that !

    What did you think ? 

    • Are you happy/sad that Bailey won over Alex ? 
    • What were your favorite scenes ? 
    • Is Derek really better than Amy ? 

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  7. "Puzzle with a Missing Piece"

    This was a Maggie centric episode and I must confess that much to my surprise, it helped me to like her. Plus, Bailey appreciates her and I can't go against something/someone that Bailey approves ;-)

    We spent much more time than usual on patients case, as we were moving from one to the "NEXT !" with Pierce and  Walace... Watson ...Wilson !

    "My mother was Ellis Grey"

    So we now know more about this mysterious Maggie. First, she seems really close to her parents, which might be the only point on which she's different from Meredith (as far as I can see). Indeed, they have a lot in common !

    Maggie seems like a really good doctor, who's invested in her work. She's badass like her sister as she dares to go against the rules and doesn't give a crap if people like her or not. Let's mention that she even told Owen and Jackson that they were "morons" for shutting down Bailey's genome lab (I AGREE !!!)

    She proved that she was ready to do anything to help her patients and prevent their pain. Just like Mer, when she helped a serial killer die or altered Derek's trial to prevent Adele's alzheimer from progressing. 

    What helped me change my mind about Pierce was also her "bring the thunder" line. Maybe because I do the same in my own job as people have a tendency not to take me seriously at first, so I can totally relate. 

    I'm also grateful because Pierce FINALLY figured out what happened to the McNeil kids, whose condition was due to a genetic mutation. I had given up on the idea to ever know what had happened to those kids, I'm seriously thrilled that writers followed up on it.

    After much hesitation, Pierce decided to confront Meredith and tell her who she was, encouraged by the positive comments she heard both from Webber and Amy. Following tradition, Mer reacted like a cold bitch, as she did in the past with Lexie. And I still keep thinking that this is deja vu...

    Mer obviously doesn't trust Maggie's intentions and even accused her of lying. This was actually a possibility in the storyline but I don't think that she is lying. Mer also pointed out what I said in my review last week : how come she didn't notice that her mother was pregnant ? Btw, I just discovered from next episode's promo that Maggie is 30 (like me !), which means that Mer is 35.

    It seems that Meredith is going to lead her own investigation on the situation, and I assume that she will quickly make the connection with Richard. I'm curious to see how this storyline will progress. Season 11 was announced as Meredith-centric, indeed there is not much about the other characters so far. 

    Alex doesn't have a job !

    Last week, I was wondering what happened to Alex's job at Lebackes'. So it turns out that Alex was still working there while waiting for a decision on Yang's old seat on the board.

    When Lebackes (who still runs his OR with music and dance on the background) heard about it, he decided to fire Karev

    So now, more than ever, I hope that Alex is the one getting Yang's seat. And as I said last week, Bailey doesn't belong to the Board itself anyway. If she must have any other position, it should be Chief of surgery. (But then, I don't know what to do with Owen ?!?). 

    In any case, Bailey finally got her Nazi side back ! I hope that it's for good this time ! 

    Additional notes

    • Richard confirmed that he didn't know about Ellis' pregnancy. 
    • Arizona got Callie's blessing to take the fellowship but I expect trouble later. 
    • "I've never had put you in the hospital sex. I feel like I'm missing out" lol Amelia !
       It seems like Maggie & Amy might become good friends, I'd like to see that. 

    • It also seems like Owen saw Pierce in a new light, will there be some love in the air later ?
    • Very few scenes featuring April and/or Jackson
    • Maggie was the voice over of the episode
    • "Hang in there Robbie"
    • "You're nice... and full of crap"
    • "Dr Bailey doesn't need to bring anything, she IS the thunder". 

    What did you think ? 

    • Did you like this Maggie centric episode ? 
    • What were your favorite scenes ?
    • Do you like Season 11 so far ? 
    • Poll : who will get Cristina's set on the Board ? 


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  8. "I Must Have Lost It On The Wind"

    I spent the whole summer without thinking about Grey's Anatomy - on purpose. Probably because I'm having some kind of an identity crisis as a Grey's Anatomy fan. Since last season, I'm having difficulties to recognize the show I got addicted to. I found the first half of Season 10 really horrible and I believe that the second half was better only because it had Cristina's exit as the major storyline. 

    I didn't want to continue this blog. Because I don't believe in Season 11 at this stage, and because it's time consuming. But I got nice encouraging messages during the hiatus from some of you and I thought that I owed you at least this first review. As I mentioned before, it will be in any case a new formula : my reviews will be shorter (not sure I did this here though lol) and it will be just reviews. No more spoilers, sorry. I won't post polls every week either. 

    Mer and the hidden sister

    The episode opened on a flashback scene, featuring Mer and the legendary carousel. We've seen it in previous seasons when the show addressed Mer's torteous relationship with Ellis. But this time, it revealed another side of the story. And as I've always loved Ellis' shadow around Meredith, this may be the only arc I'm excited about. I've actually read somewhere that the hidden sister was a storyline that Shonda had had in mind for a very long time, even when we discovered the carousel scene for the first time, years ago.

    Back then, all we knew was that while Meredith was on the carousel, Richard was breaking up with Ellis, telling her that he would not leave Adele for her. Mer confessed to her shrink that Ellis was in so much pain that she sliced her wrists in front of her daughter. Ellis was saved by little Mer who called 911, only after her mom passed out. 

    In this episode, we've seen the carousel again and Ellis crying in despair over Richard. It also showed that Mer was later waiting at the window - obviously for an ambulance (that she had apparently called herself as a nurse told her that "she had saved her mother's life"). At the hospital, while Mer was waiting (carrying her Anatomy Jane doll ! I love when the flashbacks are meticulously handled!), Ellis was very agitated, there was blood on the floor and eventually we could hear a baby crying. 

    Ellis didn't want to see the baby. She packed her things and took Meredith with her... to Boston I assume. Because 1- it was mentioned several times that Ellis took Mer to Boston when she was a child and 2 - Mer found Anatomy Jane only in season 5 in the Seattle house, so I assume that when she left it behind, they were definitely moving far away. 

    Now I wonder a few things : was Ellis already pregnant during the Carousel scene? Because I don't think that Richard ever knew that she was carrying a baby so i guess it didn't show yet then. Why didn't she get an abortion, as Mer was already getting in the way of her career ? 

    Did the sliced wrist event happen on the same day as the birth of Maggie ? Did it perhaps cause the labour or it's not related at all ? How come Meredith, even though she was very young, didn't notice that her mom was pregnant ? 

    Based on this flashback, it seems that Maggie was born in Seattle. How did Ellis hide this from Richard? How come Maggie eventually grew up in Boston, at the same time as Meredith ?  

    I guess we'll discover more soon. 

    In any case, it seems that we'll get a sister fued on the show, considering that Maggie and Mer already hate each other

    Mer has no idea who Pierce really is while Maggie exactly knows who she's dealing with. I must say that I don't care about Maggie at this stage. I find her annoying and this whole story is deja vu: it was the same with Lexie. Mer didn't know about her either, didn't care and didn't even like her at first. 

    I'm more curious about the relationship between Richard and Maggie, finally a real storyline for Webber ! 

    "Yang left me you too, it's just us now". 

    I said it last year : if Meredith must have a new person, this better be Alex Karev. I'm happy it is, because this was the only move that made sense. Following the tradition, Mer pulled her heart out, in bed with her "person". Except that this time it was Alex Karev, and not Cristina. 

    I liked the fact that Alex was not reacting like Cristina used to, because Alex doesn't have the same personality as Cristina.  

    The friendship between Alex and Mer (how do we call it ? Merex ? Almer ? lol) is the only thing that saved the episode for me. And yet, I still felt Cristina's absence :( 

    Additional notes

    • I'm worried about Owen's future because his character always evolved around Cristina. It will be a challenge for the writers to maintain the character's depth without her. What will they do ? Find a new love interest ? Career wise, it seems difficult to find something, he's already the Chief.
    • Even though I'm a huge Calzona fan, I was disappointed in their scenes. Sure they were cute together but I've thought that their scenes were a bit boring and not very positive : they seem to have a real bad timing and had opposite opinions on every single subject. I just hope I won't have to sit through Calzona's neverending issues for the 3rd season in a row. At least, I'm really excited about Geena Davis guest starring and Arizona's potential fetal surgery fellowship.
    • Derek resigned from the presidential mapping project and is not moving to DC. I found this resolution way too quick to be realistic on a show like Grey's Anatomy. I expect more problems for the Mc Dreamy's pretty soon. Oh and btw, do we have 2 heads of neuro now then ?
    • May the best surgeon win... there will be a tough battle between Alex and Bailey. I vote for Alex. Cristina picked him and that's the only way to keep him working for Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. (Btw what happened to Butthole's office ? Did Alex quit ?) And I vote for Bailey to be the next Chief of surgery, I've always wanted that.
    • I am pretty sure that I have recognized Sandra Oh's voice when I heard "previously on Grey's Anatomy". Am I right ? I loved it !
    • Not sure who was playing Ellis in this episode, as we barely could see her face. But she did sound very much like the great Kate Burton. Was it really her? I sure hope we'll get to see her again this season!
    • It just hit me that there are only two residents left! Actually, three with Ben. I'm still waiting for Steph to have a purpose on the show, she's useless so far.
    • Cristina's share/seat papers were addressed to "Evil Spawn", love it !
    • "I don't want my daughter to have my father for a mother".
    • "She widowed me"

    What did you think ? 

    • Was it a good season premiere ? 
    • What were your favorite storylines ? 
    • What do you think about Maggie ? 
    • Do you miss Dr Yang ? 


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  9. "Fear (Of The Uknown)"

    This is by far the most difficult review I've ever had to write... Because this was no ordinary season finale: it was a unique but oh so painful episode... as we had to say goodbye to Cristina Yang, one of the most important and most loveable characters on Grey's Anatomy.

    To be honest, I even got dark and twisty in the way I watched this episode: in bed, in the darkest room you can imagine, totally cut off from the world. No social media. It was just me and Yang, and I really embraced the last 42 minutes I had with her. 

    This will be no ordinary review either, because I have to focus on Cristina's journey but I will try to cover all events of this episode. 

    Explosion at the Mall

    This is now tradition : there usually is some big disaster on the season finale. But this year, it was not the main storyline. Except perhaps for the first 9 minutes, when we all thought, like Owen, that Cristina was perhaps among the victims. After all, Shonda has the bad habit to kill off characters when actors leave. But I was quite confident that she wouldn't do that to Cristina. And indeed, Yang suddenly appeared next to Alex, alive and safe, as she never went to the Mall. 

    "I am not finished"

    Cristina stayed an extra 2 weeks in Seattle and was still not ready to leave for Zurich, claiming that she was "not finished". And so started a long series of goodbyes... because Cristina has had an impact on many of the other characters (if not all) during the last 10 years, she even saved the life of a few in the process (Izzie, Derek, Richard, etc).

    And in this episode, she managed to give the right pep talk to her people, to drive them to even more greateness. 

    1- "You'll never be as good as me but you're very very good !"

    The last scene between Cristina and Alex was really sweet. He's actually the only attending who got to operate with her on her last surgery in Seattle. 

    I loved her speech as it revealed, with a touch of humour, how much she cared and respected him, as she acknowledged his hard work and talent: "You think I wasn't paying attention ? To you proving me wrong ? I thought you were competent (...) Good hands, think fast, act faster (...) You're putting all that talent in a drawer".

    I really love the fact that it is Cristina who reminded Alex - that she formerly called "Evil Spawn" - of what he is worth and implied that he shouldn't limit himself. She didn't stop there as she left him her parts in the hospital and her seat on the Board (I LOVED THAT!!!). Of course, this will probably cause tensions next year as Richard promised the same seat to Bailey. 

    2 - Following Mer's goodbye schedule 

    After a heartbreaking "You and I are not finished" scene, Cristina asked for Mer's help to finally leave Seattle and it seems that Mer applied the "Rip Off the Bandaid" method as she pushed Cristina to quickly say goodbye to people and leave.

    The goodbyes started with Derek and that's when I started to lose it, and it only got worse as the non-hugging Cristina Yang strongly hugged her mentor, Bailey, whispering "thank you". And then, Richard Webber, aka the CHIEF, told Cristina that he was proud of her. Shonda, are you trying to kill me ?

    "We split over something that has not even happened. And we never even split up"

    I know that Crowen fans are frustrated because they didn't get a proper goodbye scene between Cristina and Owen. I understand and I feel for them because at first, I was also confused by that scene where Cristina is in the gallery while Owen is in surgery and where they say goodbye silently, through a meaningful exchange of looks. But I have to say that I actually loved the scene and the more I think about it, the more it makes sense to me. 

    First, let's not forget that the characters have a whole life off screen and I understood that Cristina and Owen spent the last 2 weeks together. I really mean TOGETHER, as a couple. Which means that they had the time to reconnect. We even saw that ourselves in the opening of the episode ! 

    Besides, Cristina actually stopped Meredith to go say goodbye to Owen. She did turn back, FOR him. But he was in surgery !

    Second, I found that scene really realistic. I had to leave a country myself and meaningful people behind so I went through the whole goodbye process. And this is a real thing, folks : with some rare people, the bond is so deep and you feel so helpless for leaving, that there is just nothing left to say. Everything has been said already and you can't find the right words to express your pain because it's beyond words.

    Owen and Cristina were in 2 different places already, they were about to part ways. In such an emotional moment, especially because they are so attracted to each other, it was better to leave some space. Cristina had to leave Owen fast, without physical contact, to avoid being tempted to stay, as they usually always fall back in each other's arms. Otherwise she would have never left.  

    The looks they have exchanged was full of love, care, sadness. It expressed what they meant to each other. And I think that it was beautifully done. 

    "We need to dance it out, that's how we finish"

    So even though she had already left, Cristina came back for Meredith. Because the only way to say goodbye to her was "to dance it out". The last scene of the Twisted Sisters was the scene I was the most looking forward to. And I was thrilled because it was perfect !

    Cristina successfully wrapped up 10 eventful years as she told her soulmate "Don't get on any little tiny planes that can crash, or stick your hand in a body cavity that has a bomb in it or offer your life to a gunman, don't do that ! Don't be a hero. You're my person. I need you alive. You made me brave". She also showed once again, for those who wouldn't be convinced yet, what a big heart she has, as she asked Meredith to take care of both Owen and Alex. 

    And then, they danced it out, to the sound of a very familiar song on Grey's Anatomy, "Where does the good go", that we heard a very long time ago, back in 1x04 (and possibly in other episodes but I can't remember !) And the lyrics, friends ! THE LYRICS. 
    "Look me in the heart and tell me you won't go"...  

    This is my ultimate favorite scene on the history of Grey's Anatomy and I don't think it will be possible to do better. I must have watched it 10 times already ! This was so beautiful, so meaningful, so Grey's !!! It took me back to so many great memories when Meredith and Cristina used to dance together, and it was just the best way to honour their unique friendship.

    So some could argue that Meredith and Cristina got their great scene when Crowen didn't but I will repeat it again : Meredith and Cristina are each other's soulmate. Not Derek. Not Owen. This was said many times on the show, by those 4 characters, and confirmed so many times by Shonda Rhimes. It doesn't mean that Derek and Owen are not meaningful, far from that, but it made sense to focus on the twisted sisters and give them the emotional goodbyes, because this has always been the most important relationship on the show, since Day 1.

    Cristina left after one last piece of advice: "You are a gifted surgeon with an extraordinary mind. Don't let what he wants eclipse what you need. He's very dreamy but he's not the sun. You are." Just like Meredith helped her to leave, Cristina gave Mer the final push to get what she deserves

    She has been an inspiration, especially on this episode, and just like she did for Alex, she reminded Meredith of what she was. This was particularly important after the wasted first half of the season where they kept fighting but also because it referred to Ellis Grey's "you are ordinary"'s accusation. It was time for Meredith to stand up for herself, even if it meant stand up to Derek. And that promises lots of tension and drama for season 11...

    Off to Zurich

    And so did leave Cristina Yang... She went to Europe (YAY ! Sorry for my European pride), to Switzerland, to take over Burke's job. Shane came along as he decided to follow his teacher. I found that a bit too convenient. Seriously, he just  gave up on everything in a second ? That was too rushed for me to like it. 

    But that end was perfect. Cristina was in Zurich, looking at a beautiful view through her new office's windows. Because like Mer said, this was NOT the end for her, there was no end point. The twisted sisters will keep talking, on the phone and by text, and we can all safely assume that Cristina's future will be "brilliant". 

    I was so proud to read "Dr Cristina Yang, Director of Cardiothoracic surgery" on the door, she has grown so much over the years...

    And so it was time for the last goodbyes : ours... It was hard, so hard. But I'm so glad that Cristina survived the killing urges of Shonda Rhimes. And even if she's gone, I know that she's happy and got the ending that she deserved, that's all that matters. 

    I hope we will see her again but if we don't, she was in any case a wonderful character, animated by the outstanding Sandra Oh, who shared everyting with us for 10 years ! 
    This show will never be the same. 

    Goodbye Cristina... You were our person too. 

    And I miss you already tremendously. 

    Additional notes

    • Cristina did the voice over
    • People calling Karev Junior Butthole or Lil' Butthole lol
    • Bailey is losing her genome lab and should get her share of drama over Cristina's seat
    • Calzona seemed to think about a surrogate. I knew this storyline would come back but didn't expect it that soon ! So it seems that I'll never see Arizona pregnant, dammit !
    • Leah had an honorable exit, I even liked her in this episode. 
    • Link McNeil was back and we'll never know what caused these heart failures ! PFFF
    • So Dr Maggie Pierce turned out to be Meredith's half sister ? Seriously, WHAT ? It could have been a great idea but I really can't buy this crappy storyline. Really, Ellis would have had a child with Richard (I assume he's the father) ? Mer was already around 5 years old when Richard and Ellis started dating and it lasted for a few years. So no one would have noticed ? And didn't she get an abortion, knowing her big surgeon plans ? Besides, we've got the sister storyline already, no need to replace Lexie. Thank you.
    • We lost 3 characters but might gain new ones. I assume that Sheperdess and Ellis Grey's hidden child might stay around. 
    • Cristina and Callie did not have one single scene together in this episode :(
    • Japril over the moon ! So why do I expect drama soon ? 
    • For once, a poweful and moving speech from Catherine Avery : "This is the way the world changes , Sweeatheart. Good people raising their babies right"
    • "It's Doctor! You're the boss out there, I'm the Boss in here, get out of my way".Love you, Mer
    • Bailey referring to Webber as "Minister of Education or whatever". LOL.
    • Bailey's line "Wanna grab something else on the way out ? A CT machine ?" 
    • Will Derek move to Washington alone while Mer stays in Seattle ? How will that work ? 
    • Only 2 people left out of the original M.A.G.I.C (Mer, Alex, George, Izzie, Cristina). If Shonda has to give a new "person" to Mer on the show, this better be Alex. 
    • The 80's project for the music was wonderful this season, particularly in this episode : covers of "99 Red Balloons" (Sleeping At Last), the amazing "Take On Me" (Aqualung). And for those who want to know, the song for Mer & Cristina's last scene is "Where does the good go" (Tegan & Sara) but that one is not from the 80's.
    • Videos of Cristina's best moments in the Yang's corner section of my blog, including the last dance. 
    • No Poll and no question. This is no ordinary review. Express what you want in the comments !
    • This may be my very last review. I don't know yet if I'll watch Season 11. Because Critina Yang was such a huge part of the show, I don't know if it will still feel like Grey's Anatomy to me without her. I don't know if it will make me passionate enough to take the time and write reviews. I will think about it during the hiatus... Grey's Anatomy will not return before the 25th of September


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  10. "Everything I Try to Do,
    Nothing Seems to Turn Out Right"

    Somehow this episode didn't feel like a penultimate episode

    Many things happened though but nothing major yet... I assume that the writers keep that for next week. 

    "I turned a virus that kills into something that heals"

    We all know that Bailey administrated her genius treatment to Bredan, against the parents wishes. This week, the boy was doing much better and could even finally get out of the Bubble. 

    But his parents were so upset that they charged Bailey with assault and battery ?!? (WHAT ?!?) The dad seemed really determined to take her license away
    Are you nuts ? Stay away from my Bailey !!!

    Sure I wouldn't like people to treat my child without consulting me either but I also thought, like Bailey, that the parents would see "the bigger picture": their son is alive and healthy! Which is a miracle for such a very sick boy! 

    I really liked how dignified Bailey acted through it all as she calmly stated that she didn't make any mistake. Finally, a sign of the Nazi this season. I really really hope that next year, they will stop turning Bailey into a silly person though. She's not what she used to be. 

    The parents agreed to drop the charges when Edwards decided to lie and to take the fall for Bailey. She told the parents that she was the one who made a mistake. 
    Kudos to Stephanie to put the patients first and protect Bailey so other people could benefit from her treatment.

    "This was a jerkass move, Karev !"

    Alex was briefly back at the hospital and played dirty when he blackmailed Ross in order to steal Arizona's surgery. This was really low of him, especially because Arizona was nothing but supportive when he decided to join Lebackes' practice. As she said it herself, she didn't deserve to be treated like that. 

    Alex finally confessed that he was not doing so well in his new job and that he stole her patient because he desperately needed to bring cases to prove himself at the practice

    I was actually happy about that scene because I love when Arizona gets angry at Karev and puts him back in his place, and I was frustrated that we didn't get one when he quit. Robbins remained supportive tough as she told Alex that he should ask for her help next time.

    I really love these two, always have. I can't wait for Alex to come back to GSMH so we can enjoy their relationship some more.

    "That can be enough, right ?"

    So I was right when I suspected that Callie would not be able to get pregnant again. She learned that due to her car accident in season 7, she can't bear another child.

    So I assume that this explains why the writers surprisingly chose Callie to originally carry the second child, they were probably just buying more time for this storyline. And good move because Calzona had rushed too much into that decision anyway.

    Arizona offered to carry the child herself but Callie stopped her with a valid point, saying that their couple was still too fragile and that they wouldn't make it if it turns badly. Even if they both agreed that their current life was "enough", it was SO obvious that it isn't for any of them ! 

    I'm sure that this storyline will come back in season 11, this is far from being over. And I want to see Arizona pregnant some day anyway, so I'm counting on that. 

    "Amy can move to Seattle and we can move to D.C."

    With Derek away in Washington for the mapping project, Amy was still helping out, both for the surgeries and with the kids. While the Mc Dreamy's thought that they were keeping her hostage, it turned out that Amy actually doesn't want to leave and might even break up with her fiance. 

    When Derek came back, he told Mer that he would like to move to Washington, as the president offered him a position at the National Institute of Health. He tried to convince her by saying that the timing was perfect: Amy could take over his service and Meredith could take an attending position at a hospital over there, moving on with her life like Cristina and Alex. 

    Will she move ? I have my doubts, because 1 - they can't have everybody leave and 2 - this is not the first time that Mer gets the opportunity to move on at the same time as everybody else and she never does. So the real question is : what / who could hold her back

    "Don't leave me until you're leaving me". 

    Cristina was mostly busy interviewing candidates to be the next Head of Cardio, which was quickly exposed by Meredith as Owen's strategy to offer her the job and keep her around. 

    Owen confessed later that it is indeed what he wanted to do but he eventually didn't as he knew that it was not the right thing for her. The fact that he lets her pursue her own happiness proves how much he cares about her. 

    He kissed her and basically suggested for them to be together until she really leaves for Zurich. I see this as a final gift from Shonda: we have one more episode to enjoy Crowen.  

    The last.

    And I cant' even think about that. 

    Additional notes

    • April is 10 week pregnant and although they wanted to keep the secret a little longer, they both told some people. Cant' believe that Jackson "told" Stephanie btw, really inconsiderate but funny ! 
    • Webber told Leah that she was not a surgeon and offered to recommend her at a research lab in Washington. YAY ! So long, fucker ! :-D
    • What will happen to Ross as he will no longer be in Seattle ? Will he die on the season finale ? (it won't be the first time it happens !)
    • This episode was really gross with the girl who had no control over her sphincter, Leah burping and Jo's stress hives rash... 
    • "So you want to give me a bionic butthole ?" 
    • "You see this Kepner, you call me that nonsane word one more time, you won't like where I stick it"  I Love grumpy grumpus Callie
    • Callie imitating "Sissy" Jo and her "Check yo self before you wreck yo self"
    • April calling Jackson "Talking Tina"
    • Karev's knock knock joke with the interrupting jellyfish
    • Music: awesome cover of "Tainted Love". Me love the 80's !

    What did you think ?

    • What were your favorite scenes ?
    • Will MerDer move to Washington ?
    • How do you plan to watch the season finale ? Where/When, in what way ? Any specific drinks/snacks ? Any specific items around ? I'm curious !
    • Poll : Should Amy become a series regular ? (I want to ask in a formal way this time lol)

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